SIZZLER: Fall Out Boy Hates Kidz


pete11.jpgProductShopNYC points us to an interesting story about Pete Wentz, bassist for Fall Out Boy and amateur pornographer, getting his Hot Topic panties into a wad over a cover of his band’s song “Dance, Dance” on the latest Kidz Bop album. For those of you who don’t know, Kidz Bop is a series of albums for kids in which popular rock and pop songs are re-imagined and adorably shouted by a chorus of young children. In the past, they’ve covered artists like Modest Mouse, Madonna and Weezer – none of whom ever had a problem with it. But here’s what Fall Out Boy had to say on their blog:

We don’t know what’s going on, because they can use a song without your permission. However, I can’t imagine some young kids singing ‘crawling into bed with me’ and all. If they change the lyrics, I believe they need to get permission. We’re looking into it.”

So to recap – taking pictures of your johnson, then using the resulting scandal to sell your crappy music is ok. Kids innocently singing said crappy songs – totally wrong.

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