Are Vaughniston the New Bennifer?


jenvinceBefore their movie The Break Up premiered today, the media was absolutely convinced that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were engaged/living together/utterly smitten, but after seeing the movie, it looks like most critics are not so convinced. The review of The Break Up in today’s New York Times, says the couple have zero chemistry. Film buff A.O. Scott, admits he has trouble believing “for a moment that they cared for each other.” The Salt Lake Tribune finds “no emotional connection” between the twosome. And The Ottawa Citizen puts it most bluntly: “there is no real chemistry between Vaughn and Aniston.”

These reviews do not bode well for the future of Vaughniston. Historically speaking, couples with no on-screen chemistry have a 99.9% chance of breaking up, just ask TomKidman and Bennifer #1. But some lucky couples have beaten the odds and stayed together in spite of tepid reviews. Unfortunately for Aniston, Brangelina is the only one that comes to mind.

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