LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Have you been gorging yourself on Gnarls Barkley to the point of nausea? Want to hear something different, but similar? Luckily, Gorilla vs Bear points us to a free download of DangerDoom’s EP, Occult Hymn.
  • Or if that’s not Gnarly enough for you, head over to MOKB to hear Nelly Furtado’s cover of the omnipresent song you’re going to end up hating very soon.
  • What happens when you give dance punk a couple valiums and an acoustic guitar? Three amazingly mellow tracks from Rock Kills Kids, which you can hear for yourself over at Harmonium.
  • I’ve become as completely obsessed as YANP is about Bishop Allen and their ridiculously good EP-every-month project. If you listen, you probably will too.
  • If you’re not already crying yourself to sleep at night to the melancholy genius of Thom Yorke’s new solo album, you just aren’t looking hard enough.
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