CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: You Had Break-Up Sex, Didn’t You?


janiston.jpg1. So the experiment worked. Blend Vince Vaughn’s smart-alecky frat guy humor with Jennifer Aniston’s generic feminine appeal, add a heaping spoonful of manufactured tabloid gossip, and you have a great recipe for tricking enough people into the theater to put an otherwise forgettable romantic comedy on top of the box office chart – $38.1 million

2. Just because this movie made less than a quarter of what it did last weekend, doesn’t mean director Brett Ratner will be any less over-rated, or any less determined to continue making his masterpieces of mediocrity – $34.4 million

3. Over the top CGI movies about talking animals who sound conspicuously like movie stars are like ATM machines for movie studios – $20.6 million

4. I think the public has finally cracked the code and discovered the truth about how much this movie sucks – $19.3 million

5. After this weekend’s huge numbers, the movie is now only about 2 million dollars short of reaching it’s goal to gross as much as the studio spent promoting it. Helicopters and sports cars ain’t cheap, people – $4.7 million

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