Katie Couric, Signing Off


katie couric.JPGKatie Couric doesn’t take over the CBS Evening News until September (until then they won’t report the news– they’re just crossing thier fingers and hoping nothing happens), but people are already talking. One of the big questions on everybody’s mind: what will Katie’s sign-off be? Katie recently joked that she’ll end the show with, “Peace out, homies,” but something tells me that’s not going to happen. If she does want to be creative and hip, though, and stand out from the competition, here are a couple of suggestions:

*Peace in the middle east. Well, not literally…
*If you got em, smoke em.
*Catch you on the flip side… but don’t flip the channel, Two And A Half Men is on next!
*–in lieu of actual sign off, will bring out African American stage hand and perform a complicated handshake with him before pounding chest and flashing ‘peace’ sign at the camera–
*Couric, OUT!
*That’s all for tonight, I’m Katie Couric. Hasta la vista, baby! Get it? The Terminator. Get it? *sigh*

What do you think it should be?

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