SIZZLER: K-Fed’s Guide to Better Parenting


kevin_federline.jpgIn a recent interview, wannabe rapper and soon-to-be recipient of the world’s most anticipated “Dear John” letter, Kevin Federline shares some of his wisdom on the subject of proper parenting. K-Fed says he doesn’t believe in spoiling children and vows to make sure his kids “don’t have it easy” growing up. Some other choice quotes:

“It’s completely unfair when a child is brought into this world and now he’s already looked at like a prince.”

“My kids are going to have to learn what a real job is, what life is. You don’t have it easy with me. Period.”

“My kids are going to work at Taco Bell, dammit.”

I find it hard to believe that the children of America’s biggest pop princess will be slanging Gorditas at Taco Bell, but then again it’s not uncommon for boys to follow in the footsteps of their fathers. Also, I really don’t think Kevin needs to worry about making sure his kids don’t have an easy life – he accomplished that at the moment of conception, and he’s releasing his rap album for good measure.

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