ICYMI: Alan Thicke Needs to Stop Drinking


I’m sure you all spent last Saturday night the exact same way I did – sitting on the couch with a 6-pack of Old Milwaukee, glued to the We Network, watching the 2006 Mrs. World Pageant, which happened to be hosted by the scotchiest guy in showbiz, the one and only Alan Thicke. We all remember Alan’s boozy babbling throughout this year’s short-lived Celebrity Cooking Showdown, and now we have this “you have to see it to believe it” clip from the Mrs. World broadcast, in which a presumably hammered Thicke accidentally crowns the WRONG WOMAN as Mrs. World, thus setting into motion a carnival of utter hilarity and devastation. What’s almost as absurd is the show was TAPED, so they could have simply edited out the blunder prior to airing. The clip’s about 8 minutes long, but pretty worth your time…

(Thanks to Socialite for the heads up!)

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