Now that the lovable, lisp-able Full House star/ recovering meth addict, Jodie Sweetin is making a comeback, as the host of the new Fuse Network show Pants-Off Dance-Off– a series that challenges contestants to strip to popular videos, it got us thinking about the career successes of the rest of the Full House cast. 20 years after the show first aired, who’s on top of the world and who’s fallen off the face of the earth? We needed some way to compare the careers of all the castmastes. So we crunched some numbers, sniffed some markers and constructed the very first pop-up Full House Career Pyramid. CLICK ON THE IMAGE, THEN SCROLL OVER THE HEADS WITH YOUR MOUSE to find out why Stamos is on top of the heap and why Kimmy Gibbler, is lucky she made it on the pyramid at all.

Full House Career Pyamid Thumbnail

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