Some Crazy Dude Needs Your Help!


ladysov.jpgDealing with crazed, stalkerish super-fans is part of being a superstar, but a kid from San Francisco named Zach Slow is lowering this criteria a bit with his crazy scheme to raise $10,000 in order to “go out and party for a night” with Lady Sovereign, a female rapper who’s popular but not really famous enough to warrant this kind of extreme fanatacism. Slow doesn’t seem to have a specific reason for his bizarre quest, but he’s put a lot of time into his website, raised almost a third of his stated goal, and has gotten official world that Lady Sovereign will accept his date if he raises the full amount. So go consider his strangely amusing plea and decide whether or not you want to help. Who knows what could happen – nobody ever thought Britney Spears would end up marrying some back-up dancer from Fresno.

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