James Blunt Brings Weird Al Out of (Semi) Retirement!


weirdal0622_big.jpgLike many people my age, I grew up absolutely loving Weird Al Yankovic. But for whatever reason, I haven’t heard a new Weird Al song in a very long time (I think “Amish Paradise” might have been the last one). I know Al’s still doing his thing and putting out albums, but he’s not been getting nearly the kind of attention he commanded back in the 80’s. In fact, the last time I heard Al mentioned in the press was for his recent campaign to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which he rightfully deserves. But now it looks like Al is finally getting back to what he does best – making fun of crappy pop music. That’s why I can’t be happier that Al is turning his attention towards James Blunt’s ubiquitously awful schmaltz-fest, “You’re Beautiful”. Check out “You’re Pitiful” for yourself, and keep an eye out for Al’s next album!

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