Stars Are Just Like Us Batsh*t Crazy!


bradshiloh.jpgA picture is worth a thousand words, unless it happens to be the first picture of the offspring of two sex symbol movie stars. Then it’s worth 5 million dollars. Now that we’ve learned this important lesson in photographic economics, let’s take a look at all the other images from the week that weren’t dubbed The Most Important Picture In History.


I’m afraid that the Sith Lord might have taken an apprentice.


“Alright, I warned you people over and over, but you just wouldn’t listen. You had to keep following me around like some kind of celebrity, taking the pictures that end up in the magazines that keep me famous. Well, you know what? That’s it, the threats are over, and I’m gonna teach you bastards a brutal lesson you’re never gonna forget – with this bottle of refreshing, incredibly expensive,all-natural Fiji spring water!”


I know you’re thinking this is a horrendously ugly dress, but it’s actually not. When you drop LSD, hang upside down from a rope, and spin yourself in circles at exactly 37 miles per hour while singing the lyrics of “Knights In White Satin”, it’s the most fabulous thing you’ve ever seen.


Naomi Campbell just beat irony to death with her Crystal-encrusted Sidekick.


Brittany Murphy’s agent assured her that she could be getting as much work as Lindsay Lohan if she could just perfect that cute little wink she does for the paparazzi. Brittany’s not sure what it is, but something feels kind of wrong.


Hugh Jackman is showing the press some of his ideas for a Wolverine spin-off movie during a recent junket for X-Men 3. He’s already sent a script out to Ang Lee.

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