SIZZLER: Scientologists Fight Drugs, Clever T-Shirts


scientology_gay_3_0613_400.jpgIn a bold move that would likely have sent Tom Cruise into an apoleptic seizure of furious furniture-bouncing, LA “punk” film director John Roecker wore a T-shirt with Cruise’s face – along with that of fellow Scientologist John Travolta – that read, “Scientology Is Gay, Very Gay”. This ballsy fashion statement did not go unnoticed by the minions of the church, as he was soon accosted by Jenna Elfman and her husband, also Scientologists, who angrily scolded the director and inexplicably demanded to know whether or not he had ever “raped a baby”. I’m not really sure what that particular query had to do with the situation, but the good news is that Roecker escaped the confrontation without harm to anything other than his chances of directing M:I4. And after a few sessions of intense auditing and Thetan-cleansing, the Elfmans were able to safely continue on with their day. So all is well that ends well.

Not sure where you can get the T-shirt.

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