DVD Gifts For Famous Fathers!


fathersday2.jpgLet’s face it, with the advent of sites like Amazon.com, gift shopping for mom and dad is easier than ever. As DVD’s have become an increasingly popular gift option for Father’s Day – they’re inexpensive, readily enjoyable, and choosing the right one can be an incredibly touching gesture – we thought we’d help out the children of Hollywood by selecting personalized film titles for the DVD libraries of Tinseltown’s dearest dads. Here they are:


DVD: “Mr. Mom”
Dad It’s Perfect For: Ryan Phillippe
Why: Because this movie re-affirms the dignity of being a stay-at-home dad while your wife goes out and works to support the family.


DVD: “Gattaca”
Dad It’s Perfect For: Tom Cruise
Why: It’s a movie about a child who was genetically created in a scientific labratory, and something tells me he could relate to that. Also, Ethan Hawke and Jude Law are totally hot in this.


DVD: “Gigli”
Dad It’s Perfect For: Matt Damon
Why: Because Matt will enjoy seeing his one-time collaborator and sometimes-rival Ben Affleck at the cold rock bottom of his ridiculous career over and over again. Nothing takes away the sting of your own bad movie choices, say “Stuck On You”, quite like seeing your peer stumble through heavy-handed B-movie drama alongside J. Lo.


DVD: “Teen Wolf Too”
Dad It’s Perfect For: Jason Bateman
Why: Because no one should ever be allowed to forget the once-in-a-lifetime experience of starring in a Teen Wolf sequel.


DVD: “Cool As Ice”
Dad It’s Perfect For: Kevin Federline
Why: Forget 8 Mile, Vanilla Ice’s first and only foray onto the big screen is the quintessential cautionary tale for any aspiring rapper who happens to be white.


DVD: “Out of Africa”
Dad It’s Perfect For: Brad Pitt
Why: Because the title alone would overwhelm him with joy.


DVD: “Lesbian Cheerleading Squad #1″
Dad It’s Perfect For: Charlie Sheen
Why: Because he loves lesbians. And cheerleaders. And porn.


DVD: “Wall Street”
Dad It’s Perfect For: Donald Trump
Why: Because The Donald could stand to learn a thing or two about business ethics and human compassion from a moralistic role-model like Gordon Gekko.


DVD: “The Big Chill”
Dad It’s Perfect For: Jack Black
Why: Because he’s big and he needs to chill. Seriously.

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