Crime Drama Gets Racy, Complaints Get Even Racier


Look, everyone gets their kicks in their own way. Some people like to watch teen sex, while others like to write about it graphically, in outrage. After a recent episode of the CBS crime drama “Without a Trace,” that showed a little too much hot teen sex, the network was flooded with emails that graphically describe the offenses of the orgy scene depicted on the show, even though most came from people who didn’t even see the episode. As a result, the FCC served CBS with a $3.3 million indecency fine.

According to the sexually-frustrated complaint from the Parents Television Council, the episode features a teen in “a bra and panties sitting astride the lap of a teenaged boy” and other young actors making “sexual bump and grind motions.” Astride? Bump n Grind? It must have taken a lot of restraint to not use the phrase “pulsating love plunger.” Though I do think the complaint’s cover page featured Fabio in an unbuttoned blouse. If you don’t get off on graphic harlequin-style parental complaints, you may prefer to watch the actual clip in question here. To each his own.

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