It’s June 15th; What’s up?


windfall.jpgSo I have a question for you: Should I start watching Windfall? I feel like I should. Apparently it’s going to be the big hit of the summer, and since I have a history of missing big shows when they first come out (i.e. Lost, The O.C., Freddie, etc.) I’m thinking I should get on the Windfall wagon right away so I’m not left out. But I don’t know. Is it any good? Help.

Believe it or not, Windfall isn’t even the must-see show of the night. That award goes to its lead-in, Dateline, which centers around the very emotional and very pregnant Britney Spears. Based on the NBC promo, you know she’s going to break down and bawl her eyes out on at least one occasion. The over/under in Vegas is 3. You have to watch.

Beyond all that, tonight we have the season premiere of three MTV shows: Making The Band 3, Run’s House, and Pimp My Ride. So what are YOU watching tonight? Vote now!

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