POLL: Is Humanitarian Aid the New AIDS?


angelinaAIDS.jpgLike everything else in Hollywood, philanthropic causes are susceptible to the fickle nature of celebrities, who are desperate to associate themselves with whatever happens to be the hippest, hottest issues du jour. The AIDS epidemic, in it’s 25th year of destructive existence, now seems to have been tossed aside by Hollywood do-gooders like an ironic trucker’s hat, just another tired trend abandoned for the latest vogue charitable causes – African countries no one’s previously heard of, environmental warming type stuff, “stopping” Bush, and so on and so forth. Angelina Jolie, like a way hotter and more famous Sally Struthers, has almost single-handedly turned the bright lights of Tinseltown towards the abject misery and suffering that impoverished African nations have been experiencing, to no one’s particular interest, for decades. So is Hollywood’s waning concern for the global threat of AIDS the result of Charity Attention Deficit Disorder, or have they collectively decided that the disease is only a real threat to poor people in Africa, who they’re now trying to help anyway? And if the latter is true, is that why celebrities recently seem to have forgotten about the existence of condoms and keep getting themselves knocked up? Take our poll and tell us what YOU think is the #1 coolest cause to be seen with today!

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