Now that Brandon’s in on the Joke, It’s Over


davis.jpgYou know a joke is over when some one makes a t-shirt out of it. But it’s really over when the person who the joke’s about makes a t-shirt out of it. And it’s totally dead and buried when the word “team” is associated with the joke at all. Case in point: this picture of Brandon Davis wearing a Team Firecrotch t-shirt yesterday. Sure when he coined the term firecrotch on a video-taped Lohan rant about a month ago, it was a laugh riot and we’ll admit we even considered a few quick t-shirt ideas involving in the phrase. But some one beat us too the punch, and we’re glad he did. Because by the time this shirt was designed, silkscreened and shipped back to Davis(as per his order), he might as well have been wearing a shirt that said “I’m Rick James, Bitch.” So it looks like Brandon’s officially marked the end of the joke by wearing this shirt. Yup V-neck T’s aren’t funny anymore, they’re back to simply being unflattering. (via ONTD)

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