POLL: Hip-Hop’s Status Symbols Got Jacked


bling.jpgNot since the untimely deaths of Biggie and Tupac has the hip-hop world been so swiftly dealt two consecutive blows as crushing as yesterday’s news that Jay-Z is boycotting Cristal Champagne (whose highfalutin executives have grown increasingly uncomfortable with rappers associating themselves with their product), and that bling baron Jacob the Jeweler, apparently dealing more than just diamonds, got busted on drug charges and might not be making any more iced-out gold ropes for a very long time. So, in less than 24 hours, two of the primarly foundations upon which the entire hip-hop empire has been built have been ripped out from under it. Without the luxurious refreshment of Cristal, or shiny diamond-encrusted golden goblets from which to drink it, what accoutrements of success can young rapper aspire towards anymore? I did a little brainstorming and came up with a list of suggested wealth-affirming baubles that might serve as acceptable replacements for the bubbly and the bling that will now be conspicuously missing between the death threats and sexual boasting in all your favorite rap songs. Take our poll and decide which of these items YOU’D like to hear about in every hip-hop track for the next 10 years!

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