5 Reasons Why Joel Madden’s Like an Olsen Twin (Pre-Puberty)


dsc52253qx.jpgSure Joel Madden’s got the sleeves of tattoos and a brother with droopy eye makeup. And yes he’s got a tricked-out mack truck with 50-inch rims and a couple of 10-pound diamond studded pendants and a pit bull and two lip piercings oh, and a wristband with a skull on it. But when it comes down to it, the Good Charlotte singer has a lot more in common with one of the pre-pubescent, straight-to-video, squeaky clean Olsen Twins circa 1996 (and Ashley at that). Here’s why:

5. He’s built an entertainment empire with his twin brother, Benji.
4. He loves to carry grown-up, fancy purses even when they’re not his.
3. And miniature puppies wrapped in a furry pink blankets .
2. He never goes past third base. Because girlfriend Hillary Duff is a self-professed virgin, they mostly just French. With tongue!
1. I’m not sure what the context was, but at one point in time Joel was quoted as saying: “Always wear cute pajamas to bed, you’ll never know who you will meet in your dreams.” Sounds like sage advice if you’re planning on dreaming about Passport to Paris’ leading man.

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