cars2.jpg1. As usual, Pixar picks our pockets$31.1 million

2. It’s Jack Black. And he’s in tights. And he has a moustache and a funny Mexican accent. But dude, Napoleon Dynamite was sort of awesome before everyone ran the jokes into the ground. No? I mentioned the tights, right? Fine, we’ll just rent something then – $27.5 million

3. If only these tricked out rice rockets had been given a decent plot, hilarious celebrity voices and CGI animation instead of neon rims, turbo spoilers and Lil Bow Wow$24.1 million

4. Last time Keanu and Sandra hooked up onscreen, it involved a maniacal plot to send a bus hurtling towards disaster. This was sort of like that, except less literally – $13.6 million

5. This just isn’t working out. It’s not you, it’s me. You know what, it actually is you – $9.5 million

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