How Not To Alienate That Guy From TV


david cross.jpgIf you’re frequenting this site (and you didn’t get here by randomly googling “firecrotch”, pervert), you’re probably a big fan of celebrities. You may have even, at one point or another, fantasized about what you would say if you ever ran into a celebrity. Or you may have actually approached a celebrity and completely embarrassed yourself because you said the wrong thing. Don’t worry- it happens. Quite often, it seems, according to David Cross’ recent article in New York magazine: Where Do I Know You From? How not to alienate That Guy from TV.

“my first and foremost guideline to dealing with celebrities: If you don’t know who he is, ask your friend. Or a stranger. Don’t ask him. And certainly don’t ask him to keep listing his résumé until you realize he’s the guy from Blade of Innocence 2 who lost his shoe and got killed by the vampire with outer-space AIDS.”

Hey, it happens to the best of us. Even our good friend Lindsay, who actually created a law after approaching David Cross on a booze-fueled night. If only more Americans embraced David’s Law, maybe Mr. Cross and other celebrities would be safe. Maybe. Just maybe…

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