Nelly Furtado Brainwashed By Deranged Cult!


Nelly_Furtado.jpgIf you’re way into hip-hop, but not that into it. And if you love the musical stylings and tight abs of The Black Eye Peas’ Fergie, then you simply have to check out this brand, new artist who came from no where called Nelly Furtado. Okay, if you still remember Nelly’s last album, which was more in the free-spirited, overly produced, style of Natalie Imbruglia than the hip-hop lite sounds of the Black Eyed Peas, you’re probably wondering why she changed her tune on her latest album. Well it wasn’t record execs and image consultants if that’s what you’re thinking.

In fact, in the latest issue of Blender Magazine, Furtado explains the real reason: “I went through a feminist phase and read a lot of philosophical stuff. Some of the male bashing brainwashed me for a bit so I stopped. I love men!” Ohhhh, she was like a bird a couple of years ago because she was brainwashed by a deranged, cannibalistic cult called THE FEMINISTS! Of course! Thank god she made it out alive and is now free to sing about getting it on with strangers. You go girl.

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