PROPPED: Jackie Chan’s New Movie


RH-1.jpgIs there anything more hilarious than the pairing of big tough action star and a baby? We’ve seen the undeniable chemistry with Arnold in Kindergarten Cop and again with Vin in The Pacifier. But it’s about time we see a Kung Fu master, who can take on 6 ninjas at a time, struggle with changing diapers. Because, really it’s quite hard.
In Jackie Chan’s newest movie Rob-B-Hood, the action star will inherit a baby through a series of events during the opening credits. While they may not get a long at first, after fighting criminals together, by the end of the movie they’ll no doubt fall in love. Props to nthdegree for dropping off a link to the trailer. It was both an “action-packed non-stop roller-coaster” and a “heartfelt comedy of wacky proportions.”

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