Scott Stapp: Christian or Drunk? You Decide


creed294.jpgYeah he’s been arrested for being drunk, and made a homoerotic groupie sex movie while drunk with Kid Rock. And sure his drunkeness has broken up his band Creed. But there’s another other side to Scott Stapp, a vaguely Christian side. He’s now on the road with INXS, promoting his solo debut Album, The Great Divide, and reportedly healing his soul–but with what: booze or God?

With The Great Divide, Stapp– who has in the past tried to downplay Creed’s totally undeniable Christian Rock tendencies– has released a record filled with the same kinds of lyrical ambiguities of other Christian music greats. For example, in Amy Grant’s classic ditty “Every Heart Beat Belongs To You” there has been great debate as to whether the ‘You’ in the song is a guy or God? (It was later determined to be a really hot god.)
Similarly, check out these lyrics to Stapp’s single The Great Divide:

You have wrapped your loving arms ’round me/ And with your love I’ll overcome/ You have loved me when I was weak/ You have given unselfishly/Kept me from Falling…Falling/ Everywhere but my Knees!

Wow, he sure is thankful for something. But what? Who do you the ‘you’ in this song is referring to? God or Booze? It kind of works both ways. I mean booze can be really helpful in overcoming tough times, and if you’re drinking whiskey, you may have the sensation of warm, loving arms wrapped around you… And you can’t tell me that a little Smirnoff Ice and the right company never made anyone ‘fall’ to their knees, if you know what I mean. Touche, Scott, you’ve stumped us again. Are you a really religiously conflicted rock star or a disciple of Christ who loves to rock? Hell if I know. Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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