SIZZLER: The Coreys Make TV Comeback, Strong Argument for Tivo


coreys.jpgI’m going to throw some movie titles out there and I want you to tell me what they all have in common: License To Drive, Dream a Little Dream, The Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream 2, Last Resort. Give up? They all have great buddy chemistry. Oh and 2 Coreys. It looks like some visionary producers finally remembered the sparks that Corey Haim and Corey Feldman generate on screen, because the two are signed to create a new comedy series called,
The Coreys. The show centers on fictional versions of the real life 80’s heroes and follows bachelor Haim as he “shakes things up” for married, conservative Feldman. I know what you’re thinking: The last great Corey project I watched late one night on Skinemax was Blown Away also starring Nicole Eggert. How will anything top that? Well rest assured Corey fans, this show’s going to top everything this odd couple have ever done together. Except of course, the mountains and mountains of blow.

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