BAD NEWS BEARER: Homey Will Finally Play That


homey.jpgNow that his latest “Marlon Wayans pretends to be a girl/midget/caucasian” wacky-mix-up masterpiece Little Man is complete and ready to hit theaters, director Keenan Ivory Wayans is preparing the next project into which he’ll pour his legendary comedic genius. I know you’re rolling your eyes and thinking, “Let me guess – Marlon plays a wise-cracking albino parakeet in a ghetto petting zoo after his brother Shawn schemes up a silly plan to get rich on the world’s only stand-up comedian bird?” Good guess, but the Wayans Family Patriarch’s next project actually happens to be a timely big-screen adaptation of the Homey the Clown character from his 13 year-old sketch show, In Living Color. You really have your fingers on the pulse of pop culture when you understand America’s pressing need to once again enjoy Damon Wayans hitting children with a sock and saying “Homey don’t play that!” over and over again. Not only am I thrilled about this movie, I also can’t wait to see his future projects – a “meet the parents” adaptation of Roc next year in which a Wayans Brother tries to marry Charles S. Dutton’s daughter, then Keenan’s long-awaited Tyrone Biggums movie with Dave Chappelle for the reclusive comic’s triumphant comeback in 2018 (or a Wayans Brother playing the crackhead if Dave’s still crazy then).

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