SIZZLER: Karma Police, Arrest This Girl!


jennabushdevilsign250.JPGAccording to blogger and sometimes musical genius Thom Yorke, his band Radiohead had a very special guest at last week’s second sold-out show here in New York City. Despite the fact that tickets were so hard to come by that many of the band’s biggest fans (ahem) were unable to attend despite their tireless efforts, one of the lucky ticket-holders happened to be none other than President Bush’s daughter! Thom doesn’t specify which of the twins showed up, but he seems to be both annoyed and amused by the brain-shattering irony of her presence. I imagine it must be a rather strange feeling to go to a sold-out rock concert and hear one of the world’s most popular bands sing a bunch of songs that are ostensibly about your father and how evil he is. And on a semi-related note, I wonder if Little Miss Bush was wearing one of these lovely “Karma Police” thongs at the show.

(thanks to Jen for the tip!)

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