SIZZLER: Fans Rebel Against Another Farewell Tour


babs.jpgRaise you’re hand if you’re tired of singers making a big thing about farewell tours and retirement and then coming back two years later with a comeback tour. I mean people who retire from their day jobs and have an office party at Applebees with the whole firm and a big Carvel cake aren’t allowed to come back to the same job in a year as if nothing happened. So the same rules should apply to high profile celebrities.

That’s the thinking of Barbara Streisand fans who are threatening to sue the diva for fraud after spending thousands on her “last concert ever” in 1999 (you know, the wild, rockstar performance where she drank tea from a silver tea-set onstage). Well now she’s planning a last, last, last farewell concert in October with ticket prices starting at $100. So now that their trust is broken, what’s a Barbara Streisand fan to do? (besides seriously considering analysis.) Personally, I think some one’s got to teach our celebrities a lesson in quitting. (I’m talking about you Cher, Phil Collins, Jay-Z, Robbie Williams, Cher). If you’re not completely positive that you’re never going to tour again, then don’t call it a farewell tour. Call it a Bye For Now tour or I’ll Be Right Back Tour or a I Need More Money So I Can Continue to Support James Brolin In The Manner He’s Grown Accustomed To Tour.

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