What Do Kevin Federline And Pennies Have In Common?


K-Fed wants to save the penny. It makes perfect sense to us. They have a ton in common:
kfed penny.jpg

1. Despite being sick of them, neither will disappear any time soon.
2. Both have supporters that want to keep them around– though you really can’t understand why.
3. If you saw one laying on the street you probably wouldn’t make an effort to pick it up. Unless you were desperate.
4. Both are 19 millimeters in diameter, if you know what I mean.
5. If you think about it, neither have any REAL value.
6. Whenever you find yourself actually reading about either of them, you tend to stop yourself and think, “Wait- why am I reading about this? This is stupid.”
7. If you make a wish and throw either of them into a well, your wish comes true. Seriously, give it a try sometime.
8. Both have gotten into Britney Spears pants.
9. But honestly, she doesn’t need them.
10. If you received either of them on Halloween this year instead of candy you’d be disappointed, wouldn’t you?
11. And finally; Neither can rap.

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