Best of the Best Week Ever: Unlucky Penny


kfedpenny.jpgBe sure to tune in for an all new episode of Best Week Ever tonight at 11pm and play this week’s drinking game! Everytime anyone makes a joke about or a reference to a racial stereotype, take a drink and feel guilty for laughing. Now, your Best Week in Review:

  • We fufilled our lifelong dream of meeting Kevin Federline, and all we have to show for it is an awkward interview and this icky feeling that no amount of showering could ever be able to cleanse.
  • It might have seemed strange that K-Fed would be so passionate about saving pennies, but we discovered they actually have quite a bit in common.
  • David Hasselhoff shouldn’t have to explain his tears to the likes of mere mortals, but he did anyway. That’s why he’s the Knight-Rider and you’re not.
  • Hollywood finally gets off it’s lazy ass and gives the people what they’ve always wanted: the reunion of The Coreys!
  • Kate Beckinsdale gives Jay Leno, and all his unsuspecting viewers, waaaaay too much information.
  • After meeting Kevin, we almost felt a little sorry for Britneywe said “almost”.
  • Angelina Jolie gave Anderson Cooper the juciest, most-anticipated boring interview ever.
  • Speaking of Angelina, help her decide which baby flavor she should try next!
  • And finally, sadly, writer Piper Weiss has decided to move on to bigger and more legitimate things in the world of print journalism, leaving Bob and me with no one to sexually harass but each other.

(Image via Gothamist)

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