Straight Outta Waldorf!


hilaryjoel.jpgStars say so much dumb sh*t that I usually don’t even bother posting about it, but this Hilary Duff gem was just too priceless to pass up. Taken from the Washington Post (via Dlisted), here is the teen starlet’s description of the boyfriend she bought at Hot Topic, Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden:

“He doesn’t socialize. He’s very real, like, he’s from a pretty ghetto place in Maryland. . . . I like that.”

Awesome. And where, precisely, are these Maryland mean streets of which she is so enamored? In what sort of crime-riddled neighborhood did young Joel have to survive the hopelessness of total poverty while dodging the bullets that were constantly whizzing by? Exactly what kind of place could produce a hardened badass so ice cold that he can wear eyeliner and act “tough” at the same time? The answer is found in two words that will send chills down your spine: Waldorf, Maryland. It’s the “shopping capital of southern Maryland”, and it’s where Joel Madden grew up.

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