The Scientological Mystery of Kate and Katherine



Cityrag made this interesting observation about the uncanny resemblance between “Kate” Holmes and Katherine McPhee. On the surface this might just seem like an amusing coincidence, but when you dig a little deeper, this connection presents more mysterious questions than JFK’s assassination and The Da Vinci Code combined. First of all, there were all those rumors that McPhee is, or at least was, a Scientologist. And what exactly IS Scientology, anyway? Is this kooky religion the reason that TomKat want to bring the McPheever to their wedding ceremony? Also, what is this strange “eating disorder” Katherine claims to be suffering from? “Katie” is short for “Katherine”, and “Kate” is even shorter – ever think about that? And where the f*ck is Suri? Are Katherine and Kate actually the same person? Why is Tom Cruise so gay? Somebody call Scooby and the gang, because we’ve got a real mystery on our hands here.

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