While You Were Loving Summer Fridays


  • Saddam Hussein ended his hunger strike after missing just one meal. He was later overheard mumbling “I don’t know how Nicole Richie does it.”
  • American Idol’s Katherine McPhee cancelled all of her press appearances yesterday after announcing she once suffered from bulimia. Taylor Hicks, meanwhile, still has stupid gray hair.
  • A musical based on and featuring music by The Ramones will make its UK debut on July 31. The orchestra needs at least another month to learn those 3 chords.
  • Avril Lavigne wants to be taken seriously as an actress. She hopes this will go better than her quest to be taken seriously as a musician.
  • Slash is upset that he never got a response after sending Axl Rose a Christmas card. Oh, and for that whole Forcing Him Out Of The Band And Making Guns N Roses A Laughingstock thing. But damn, that Christmas card thing stings.
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