BWE EXCLUSIVE: Sherrod Small Calls Bulls**t!


john mayer.jpgYou might remember a couple of weeks ago BWE broke the news that John Mayer was going to drop by the Comedy Cellar to try his hand out at Stand-Up comedy. Well, when word got back to John that his surprise appearance was no longer a surprise he decided to postpone his Cellar debut. So it wasn’t until this past Friday that he finally hit the stage in an attempt to entertain comedy lovers and drunken tourists alongside Dave Attell, Jim Norton, and our very own Sherrod Small.

How’d he do? Well, if you visited Gawker or Stereogum today and read this guy’s account, he bombed. Hell, I read it and I believed it because blogs are the single most reliable news sources on the planet. Right? Right? Wrong.

Sherrod Small
calls Bulls**t!

“This is ridiculous,” Sherrod said. “The guy took John’s words and turned them around. It wasn’t insensitve. Money, he used the N word once at the end of the show when he was talking about his Dave Chappelle appearance and how people come up to him and say ‘give me a pound, nigga.’ Nobody was offended. Everybody loved it.”

There you have it: the same show, two different perspectives. I think I’m going to believe the comedian over the anonymous blogger, though. Call me old fashioned.

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