clickposter.jpg1. If only Adam Sandler’s magical remote control had a button that would remind him to stick with flaming bags of poo and fist-fighting Bob Barker instead of making these overly sentimental pseudo-comedy cutesy crapfests – $40 million

2. It’s nice to know that SOME cars aren’t running out of gas this summer, despite the fact that a gallon of gas is approaching movie ticket prices. I bet if my Honda could talk, and it sounded like Larry the Cable Guy, it would say, “I need gas – Git ‘er done!” And I’d be all like, “I can’t, I just spent all my money seeing Adam Sandler play with a magical remote and make baby noises.” – $22.5 million

3. Could it be possible that the utter hilarity of seeing Jack Black do a Mexican accent whilst wearing ill-fitting tights hasn’t been getting the word-of-mouth buzz that the studios were banking on? – $12.1 million

4. I was going to make a joke about this movie, but then I realized that I’d never even heard of it before and know literally nothing about it. Seriously, is this another one of those 2-hour rap video movies Hype Williams likes to direct? – $9.4 million

5. The only thing fast or furious about this movie is how fast it’s speeding towards it’s finish line of forgotten irrelevancy – $9.2 million

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