BWE’s Celebrity Baby Photos Price Guide


brangpeople.jpgAfter photos of Brangelina’s first baby sold for millions, and now that we’ve learned that TomKat’s price demands for Suri’s First Photo have still not been met, we thought we’d explain the volatile Celebrity Baby Photo market by providing you with this helpful price guide, using a broad spectrum of examples from which you might better understand the cost of getting exclusive shots of newborn stars 20 minutes before all the blogs do.

TomKat – $10 million, made payable to The Church of Scientology, along with no less than 12 open-minded recruits for a ‘preliminary audit’ at the Center

Brangelina (biological) – $3 million, made payable to Africa

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale – $100,000, made payable to Universal Music, to whom Rossdale’s band Bush still owes millions from their last album’s losses

Brangelina (adopted) – $75,000, made payable to impoverished tribe from which corresponding child was taken

Reese & Ryan – $50,000, made payable to “Ryan’s Rainy Day” 401k Fund

Britney & K-Fed – $1,000, made payable to “cash” then mailed to an anonymous PO Box in Fresno

Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards – 1 full-service VIP Escort (w/ cheerleader outfit), made available to Sheen’s “bachelor suite” at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner
– $100, made payable to Matt Damon’s special “My Bet with Ben” winnings account

Anna Nicole Smith – $19.95/month and your last shred of dignity, made payable to

Philip Seymour Hoffman & girlfriend – $10, made payable to any local movie theater showing M:I3 (baby photo provided courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Elisabeth Shue – Your continued attention, made payable to Elisabeth Shue

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