SIZZLER: Axl’s Appetite For Self-Destruction Is Back!


axl2.jpgJust because Axl Rose’s abilities as a performer aren’t anywhere near what they were 15 years ago doesn’t mean his childish off-stage hijinx aren’t right back to their prime. First he got into a slap-fight with an aging, effeminate fashion designer during some movie star’s birthday party. Pretty hardcore. Now the cornrowed rocker has gotten himself arrested in Sweden after starting a fight with a woman that resulted in a drunken bar brawl, then biting the leg of the security guard who tried to break the whole thing up. It may not be the 80s, it may not be setting the Sunset Strip on fire, and Axl may no longer be musically or culturally relevant, but you’ve at least got give the guy a B for effort.

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