LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


  • I got a bunch of Nelly Furtado lined up for you today. Get ready. First up, head over to iPop and download “All Good Things Come To An End” featuring Coldplay’s Chris Martin.
  • Next up we have The Late Greats presenting their Guilty Pleasures. “Promiscuous” is there along with two more Nelly tracks.
  • Moving along. Shoes Are For Work has posted Nelly’s cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” They ALSO posted Gnarls’ cover of “Gone Daddy Gone”, as well as the Violent Femmes original. Follow? Good. Let’s move on.
  • Now that that’s over, visit The Perm & The Skullet to download Lou Reed’s “Coney Island Baby” before the reissue comes out in August.
  • And finally, as a lifelong baseball fan I want to wish Peter Gammons and his family the best as he recovers from a brain anyeurism. The 61-year-old sporswriter is a huge music fan who even has his own CD coming out next week. Today Metro Distortion posted some mp3s from a list Gammons made of the Top 20 Songs on his iPod during Spring Training. The guy loves Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Editors and Pete Yorn. Now how cool is that? Get well soon Peter.
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