While You Were Saying “How Bazaar”



  • If there was one thing the Britney Spears gum-smacking, country-talking, loud-blubbering, horrible-looking interview with Matt Lauer left me wanting for, it was seeing this pregnant human tragedy pose naked.
  • No matter what she said yesterday, Star Jones’ departure from The View seems to be surrounded by drama, resentment and cat-fighting. Considering that those are three foundations upon which the entire show is built, I’m not really sure what the big deal is.
  • What’s worse than David Hasselhoff abusing his wife? Having to listen to her sing about it. As they say, abuse only begets more abuse.
  • Naomi Campbell may get a plea deal on the assault charges she’s facing after throwing a cell phone at her maid. The deal is pretty straightforward – either she stops beating her help, or the only clothes she’ll be modeling anytime soon are bright orange jumpsuits, which we all know are SO 1997.
  • Michael Jackson is covering himself in fairy dust, packing his things and leaving Neverland forever – instead choosing to take his Magical Molestery Tour to Europe, where people are still sort of weird enough to appreciate him.
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