5 Good Reasons For Chloe To Date Rush


chloe rush.jpgAs a huge fan of 24, the pictures that surfaced yesterday of Mary-Lynn Rajskub, a.k.a. Chloe locking lips with Rush Limbaugh upset me. I mean, over the past few seasons I’ve seen this woman go through a lot: I’ve seen her suffer through her best friend’s death, I’ve seen her kill a man, I’ve seen her thwart countless terrorist attacks, and I’ve seen her get reamed out by Jack Bauer on more than one occasion. So by this point in life I figured I’d be able to handle whatever Mary-Lynn threw at me. Well, I was wrong.

The Rush photos have upset me deeply. How could Chloe lower herself like this? This is worse than if I were to find out she was in kahootz with Habib Marwan during Season 4. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, though, so I decided to make a list of 5 good reasons Chloe would date Rush Limbaugh. Here we go.

1. Um
2. Hmm. Well… uh
3. You know, some girls… no, nevermind.
4. Because… wait, what was the question?
5. Pass.

Okay, that didn’t go the way I was hoping it would. Sorry Chloe, I don’t even think Jack Bauer, Bill Buchanan or Sean Astin (before he bit the dust) could help you with this one. I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope the clock is ticking.

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