How’s This Superman Any Gayer Than the Others?



Based on my enjoyment of the original franchise, the talented filmmakers continuing it, and the promising trailers for the new Superman movie, I’ve allowed myself an uncharacteristic amount of anticipation for the Man of Steel’s return to the big screen. That’s why it bothers me that everyone seems so irrelevantly obsessed with the movie’s position on homosexuality. Is the new Superman gay? If so, just how gay is he? Is the movie actually a metaphor for gayness? What about the guy who plays him – he gay, too? I really don’t understand exactly what it is about this particular movie that causes people to erupt into a paranoid bout of homophobia. It’s a movie about a well-built young metro guy from another planet who wears underwear over colorful tights and flies around with a cape. How has Superman ever NOT been kind of gay? Hell, pretty much all super hero movies have a certain amount of homosexual undertones, which makes sense considering the fact that they were originally created by and for lonely males who haven’t had much interaction with women.

Anyway, the point is – what’s man love got do with it? I think Superman is going to be fabuluous.

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