ICYMI: Transform Your Enthusiasm


transformers.jpgThe official “announcement” trailer is up for next summer’s live action Transformers movie (have fun trying to load the now massively-trafficked site). I really don’t understand all the rabid Internet frenzy for this flick. Yes, I loved the cartoons and toys growing up. Yes, I’ve always wondered what those robo-vehicles would look like in real life. And yes, I think it would be fun to watch a fleet of Decepticons completely annihilate an entire city (especially if it was Los Angeles). But there’s a very big deal-breaking factor that no one seems to be acknowledging: his name is Michael “cameras flying around while sh*t blows up” Bay, and he’s the director Hollywood has entrusted with the task of bringing this prized property to the big screen. Why they would give this awesome assignment to the creative genius behind The Island, Pearl Harbor and Armageddon, I have no idea – but I really resent the fact his hacky brand of bad filmmaking is going to ruin my precious childhood memories the way Optimus Prime could ruin a Toyota Corolla.

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