Stay Classy, Tori Spelling


spellingusmagazine.jpgEven though her father Aaron Spelling’s corpse has yet to cool, Tori Spelling wasted no time in exploiting his death to land her first magazine cover since the August 1992 issue of Teen People. Fanning whatever flames of tabloid relevance her father’s passing has given her by granting a pseudo-confessional interview to Us Weekly (what could be more tasteful?), Tori seems to be going out of her way to publicly sensationalize the family dysfunction surrounding her father’s death, which was less than a week ago. I’m sure that, upon receiving the “bad news” text message on her BlackBerry, Tori immediately got her publicist on the phone and started brainstorming ways in which they might be able to get some press out of this. In a strange way it’s sort of fitting that, even in death, Tori is still using her father to get famous.

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