Best of the Best Week Ever: Star Wars



  • Star Jones’ utterly unsurprising exit from The View was the first shot fired in a bloody gansta-style publicity shootout that included Barbara Walters bashing Star on the next morning’s show, and Star returning fire by whining about it to whoever would listen. By the end of it, nobody died and nobody cared.
  • Tori Spelling pays fond tribute to her late father’s legacy by exploiting him just one last time.
  • Speaking of, weren’t you wondering whatever happened to the rest the West Beverly High gang? Then drop in on our 90210 Ten-Year Class Reunion!
  • Nude pregnant meltdown Britney Spears or nude smoking hot Christina Aguilera? You make the call!
  • Rush Limbaugh publicly smooching Chloe from 24 has sent us into a hellish introspective nightmare of such reality-crushing proportions that we’re either going to spend the rest of our lives in intensive psychotherapy, or do a bunch of acid and convert to Scientology. We still haven’t decided.
  • Joe Rogan ain’t got sh*t on Fear Factor, Maury Povich-style.
  • Save yourself a whole lot of time, money and hacky plot lines by appreciating the wide range of comedic genius Adam Sandler has shown himself to be capable of.
  • Have a Happy 4th – and don’t forget to stumble your way through the holiday weekend after playing our Shuffling iPods Drinking Game.
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