It’s June 30th; What’s up?


donal.jpgI’m mad at MTV. Back in the good old days (the 90’s) I’d get excited for holiday weekends because you knew it meant MTV would roll out one of their patented Top 200 Videos Of All Time specials that would air non-stop and inevitably finish with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or “Thriller” in the number 1 spot. Those were the best! Nowadays, they don’t do that anymore. In fact, the only marathon I could find on TV this weekend is the Grounded For Life marathon on Fox and honestly, that just doesn’t do it for me.

But what else is on this weekend? Well, tonight Fox is continuing to bust out this past season of 24 in two-hour increments, so that’s definitely worth watching. The Henry Rollins Show welcomes Billy Bob Thornton tomorrow night which should be interesting. And on Sunday we have the full HBO lineup complete with Deadwood, Entourage, Lucky Louis, and the Dane Cook show nobody likes. So what are YOU watching this weekend? Vote now!

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