Paris Is Still Leaking


paris-hilton-leak.jpgLook, all the fireworks and rock music this weekend are probably going to take a toll on your hearing, so why not try a little pre-emptive warm up exercise so that your poor ears can build up a bit of a tolerance to all the pain and suffering you’re going to inflict on them this weekend? Might I suggest turning up your volume and listening to “Turn It Up”, the latest leaked track from Paris Hilton’s forthcoming contribution to the pantheon of ill-conceived musical endeavors. Interestingly enough, if you put on headphones and listen to the song while watching the first three minutes of You Got Served, you will actually see God, and he will regretfully inform you that he is dead and life is meaningless. But hey, at least now you can finally stop listening to “Stars Are Blind” over and over.

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