CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: The Devil Doesn’t Wear Tights


superman.returns.063006.jpg1. The box office powers of Superman Returns seemed practically invincible, but like an unforseen Lex Luthor scheme, a little movie about fashion magazines was the kryptonite that kept the man of steel from really flying – $52.2 million

2. Watch out comic book moviesAnne Hathaway’s breasts could end up becoming the most feared box office supervillians of them all – $27 million

3. Despite all Adam Sandler’s crazy voices and farting and falling down gags, this one really just didn’t click – $19.4 million

4. Unlike my Honda, this movie just…won’t…die$14 million

5. I did a lot of stuff over the 4-day weekend, but for whatever reason, seeing a movie about Jack Black’s ill-fitting tights and generic Mexican accent just didn’t up being one of them – $6.2 million

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