It’s July 5th; What’s up?


tommy lee.jpgApparently if you’re a washed-up rock star you can’t just form a band with other washed-up rock stars anymore. Nowadays you have to make a reality show about forming a band with other washed-up rock stars, which explains why Tommy Lee, the old bass player from Metallica, and one of the old guitarists from Guns ‘N Roses (not Buckethead, sadly) signed on for Rock Star: Supernova. Fifteen singers will compete to be the next Vince Neil/ James Hetfield/ Axl Rose– a thought that’s scary in and of itself. The series should be fun to watch, though, as I’d imagine these guys will end up pulling much hotter groupies than the INXS dudes from last season. You know I’ll be watching.

Also on tonight- America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, Blue Collar TV, and a bunch more. What are YOU watching? Vote now!

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