SIZZLER: Ex-Survivor Busted Poaching Puppies


brian_heidk.jpgBrian Heidik, winner of the 5th season of hit show Survivor, was recently arrested for allegedly shooting a puppy with a bow and arrow outside his home near Atlanta. Despite his claims that he thought the puppy was actually a coyote that had been harassing his animals, it doesn’t seem that the courts are planning to grant Heidik any immunity idols for the cruelty to animals charge he is now facing. If the recent legal troubles of fellow Survivor Richard Hatch are any indicator, Heidik’s pseudo-celebrity status might not be enough to save him from facing the biggest survival challenge of his life – a prison sentence that could include sexual harassment far more threatening than host Jeff Probst’s infamous “butt-slaps of encouragement”. But the good news is, the wounded puppy survived.

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