CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: Pirates Tap Your Booty


pirates.jpg1. I wonder how many “box office report” headlines made some lame pun involving “treasure”. Probably a lot – $132 million

2. Also, it’s funny no one ever questioned the sexuality of Johnny Depp’s pirate character, and he’s wearing freaking eyeliner – $21.9 million

3. If there really were a devil, I don’t think it would wear Prada. It would probably be sporting something more like that human skin get-up from Silence of the Lambs, or maybe Banana Republic – $15.6 million

4. Do you ever see something so horribly dumb and unfunny that you just want to throw your remote control right into the screen? Me too – $12 million

5. Seriously, I’m running out of gas with the jokes about this one$10.3 million

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